By Ross Carlson 887155
#468287 If you use vPilot over a network and you are experiencing jerky movement of aircraft, please try the new version I put up for download:

This version is an open beta test version, meaning it has not been thoroughly tested by the internal beta team. I've done basic testing with it on my home network, but that's it. So don't be surprised if there are some new bugs.

To make the smooth aircraft movement work over a network, you need to install this version on BOTH the vPilot computer and the FSX computer. Then, on the FSX computer, run JUST the TrafficProxy program that is installed with this new version. (Don't run the main vPilot program on the FSX computer.) You'll see a shortcut in your Start Menu Programs List. (Or run the TrafficProxy.exe that you see in the vPilot install folder, %LOCALAPPDATA%\vPilot. Then, run JUST the main vPilot program on the remote computer as usual.

When you run the TrafficProxy on the FSX machine, a small box will appear and give you some feedback messages about connecting to the simulator, discovering aircraft, etc. The main vPilot window on the remote computer will show some additional messages about detecting when the TrafficProxy is connected or disconnected.

With the TrafficProxy running on the FSX machine, it will handle the smooth position updates for your aircraft, and the main vPilot window on the remote machine will still handle everything else, including creating the aircraft, model matching, voice, chat, filing flight plans, etc.

Also, if you press CTRL-S with the TrafficProxy window active, you'll see a setup window where you can set up a PTT keyboard key or joystick button on the FSX machine. The PTT button/key presses will be sent to the main vPilot window on the remote computer. This way you can set up PTT on the FSX machine even though vPilot is running remotely, without using FSUIPC and WideFS to send the button/key press across the network. The headset still needs to be plugged into the machine running the main vPilot window.

Note that the TrafficProxy and main vPilot window communicate with each other via SimConnect client data calls, which is why there is no need to configure the TrafficProxy with the IP of the vPilot machine.

This version also fixes the issue where vPilot's user interface will lock up when it tries to connect to FSX over a network and FSX isn't running or your SimConnect.cfg file isn't set up right.

Here are some other updates in this open beta version:

- 0002080: Establish SimConnect connection on background thread.
- 0002063: Increase radio volume.
- 0002051: Implement network traffic proxy in order to achieve smooth aircraft movement in networked configuration.
- 0002076: Increase brightness of non-directed radio text messages.
- 0002071: Improve landing light logic.
- 0002077: Change wording of missing model error to be more descriptive.
- 0002074: Retain existing values when loading a flight plan that omits some values.
- 0002066: Add minimize button.

Network users, please give this a try and respond here with your results.
By Marc Wheeler 919420
#468297 Hi Ross,

I noticed one bug with the new version. When an aircraft takes off and banks left, the aircraft does turn left, but the model banks right.

Let me know what additional information you need.

By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#468301 FYI, that may not be anything introduced with the new version. A few ZLA controllers noted seeing this exact behavior on previous versions. (Not sure what the common denominator is/was... don't think I saw it, but maybe I just wasn't paying much attention.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#468302 Yeah, that's probably the case, because the thing that I thought might cause that, isn't really a problem. So most likely this issue has existed before this beta version.


Did you see it with more than one aircraft?

Do you remember any callsigns?

Did you happen to have network traffic logging going at the time?
By Todd Malek 893834
#468304 The new client is working great! No more stutters! Thanks!

I too am seeing the turn and opposite bank issue. So far I noticed it with our VA model set (CXAXXX call-signs) as we just did our usual Friday event. Unfortunately I did not have any logging running at the time.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#468305 Todd and Marc, I just saw the issue happen myself at KPIT ... I checked, and the other pilot is running vPilot (not the beta version.) Any idea if the aircraft you saw this happen with were using vPilot? I imagine so.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#468307 I've checked a half a dozen aircraft at PIT tonight and they're all exhibiting the issue, and they're all using vPilot. I'm trying to find one that's not using vPilot and is airborne and turning, but so far everyone is using vPilot, which is great. :)