By William Sequeira 1192651
#468977 Hello,
Please excuse me, but I am really new at this. I have managed to download the Orbx Traffic addon, and installed it. It has the SIMOBJECTS folder with all the different aircraft it offers, mainly business jet and GA. What I am wondering, is how to get this into Vpilot to use online? The setup seems the same, except for the model rule set option in vpilot. That is where I am stuck, as I don't understand how to get it to work, and the tutorial is a little over my head.

Do I have to manually add each plane myself? Or has someone done this that can help me. Thank you!
By William Sequeira 1192651
#468980 Roger that. Thank you. I will keep looking at it and trying to figure it out. The issue is my knowledge of Config files and such are pretty low.

Is there an easy way that you know of to test this out though? Like once I have done a couple? Or is it just luck of the draw hoping someone is near with that type of aircraft.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#468983 There's no way to test a single model matching rule ... you would need to coordinate with someone else that could connect nearby using the right aircraft type and callsign.