By Matt Mitchell 1240665
#469374 I clearly know my User Code / Password, I can log into the Forums fine, Ive never had good luck using Vatisim thru FSINN and that stuff, never could get it to work, So I thought I would try VPilot, And same goes, more issues.

For some reason when connecting to VPilot it says INVALID CID/PASSWORD.

Any one have any ideas?

I re-Activated my Vatsim account today due to inactivity, check my credential's (they are correct). All should be good, But cannot connect to V-Pilot.

Please help.

By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#469375 if you just reactivated your account, that would be why. it can take up to 24 hours for the information to completely go through all the servers. youll want to try all the servers to see which one lets you in first in the meantime.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#469383 Matt, Various servers synchronize during various times during the day. Keep trying until you find one that works. Within about 24 hours or so, they should all work, so you'll be able to use the one closest to you for best performance.
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#469384 In other words, the following text found on the page you used to reactive your account still applies...

It can take up to 24 hours for new or reactivated VATSIM membership records to be flowed to all of the distributed VATSIM servers, as the membership information is flowed to the servers via daily server synchronizations. If, within the first 24 hours, you cannot log onto the server of your choice, you may have to try different servers until you find one that has already been synchronized. You should only open a member support ticked if you still cannot log onto ANY server AFTER 24 hours has elapsed since your reactivation.
By Yu Xiong 1191126
#469539 no issues relate to the software itself.

if you reactivate your VATSIM, you have to wait up to 24hrs which does not like what you might face before saying that normally it won't take that long time, but actually here you have a large possibility that you have to wait a daytime. The best way is that take another day and then come back to be online on VATSIM :D