By Michael Broom 1244766
#475384 Could someone please let me know the simplest method to transfer a flight plan from PFPX into V pilot.

I currently fly PMDG aircraft and of course when I export my flight plans they automatically are populated within PMDG.

However,when I tried to export a flight plan just now and clicked on the Vatsim button it told me to set and export folder for vatsim.

I am not that 'techy' so a simple explanation would be very useful.

Many thanks in anticipation.

By Michael Broom 1244766
#475395 Hi,

I have tried once again and when I tick on Vatsim within PFPX I get the message 'Export folder not set'.

It stated 5 routes saved,1 error ocurred which of course was the Vatsim one.

I went into V Pilot and clicked on 'Fetch from server' but there was nothing there.

So this is still a bit of a mystery to me as to how I pick up the PFPX completed flight plan in V Pilot.

For your information my FSX folder is Programme Files (86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator.
My document folder is Users\Owner\Documents.

I hope you can assist me.

By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#475396 Try export it in SquawkBox format, then importing that file using vPilot's "Load" button on the File Flight Plan window.

EDIT: Actually, this forum post suggests the "VATSIM" format is indeed the correct choice.

So, you say that the error message instructs you to set an export folder for the VATSIM format. Have you... tried doing exactly that?
By Kirk Christie 956763
#475404 After you release a flight at the top you have a Send button, (next to print and save) with a drop down menu, the 3 items are send to;

The send to VATSIM function opens the VATSIM pre file web page.

Every box is automatically filled out with information from PFPX all you need to do is enter your CID and Password then hit send.
By Michael Bourekas 1228098
#513523 In PFPX export the file in SquawkBox format into your vPilot folder.
In my case is : Documents>vPilot


Run vPilot and go to FlightPlan tab.
Open it.
Click on Load and once the vPilot folder opens, look at the bottom right hand side.
Next to the file name empty filed there is another tab which should state vPilot Flightplans.
Click on this and select the option SquawkBox Flight Plans.


Hope it works for your as well.