By Ross Carlson 887155
Scott Norton 1241275 wrote:
Ross Carlson 887155 wrote:No, I understand ... as you said you want to know when you're transmitting. I'm saying that if you press PTT, and you DON'T hear the buzzer, you know you're transmitting.

But if the PTT press is not received by the software, then no buzzer will sound. The negative feedback scheme is completely useless.

As I said before, you can troubleshoot that situation using the debug window.
By Ian Niblo 823150
#528539 Old topic I know, but I'd find this option really useful too.

This week on Worldflight I had three people in my cockpit and on several occasion we accidentally talked over the pilot monitoring while he was replying to ATC. A beep would tell everyone that he'd started transmitting and wasn't just joining in the conversation. FSInn had that feature and I kind of miss it :cry: