By Evan Gunawan 1363953
#512572 Hello. I tried to connect with vPilot. using a callsign, my friend adds an "A" after the callsign. but it seems didnt't work. He can't see my movement/actions, I can .msg him via vpilot, he received the message. But I can't see any changes nor a 'mirror' aircraft in the same gate and position.

Thank You.
Regards, Evan.
By Evan Gunawan 1363953
Bradley Grafelman 1242018 wrote:vPilot doesn't facilitate the actual sharing of the cockpit - that's up to the aircraft or some other addon. vPilot only helps get you both connected to the network (one as an observer).

Ahh, i see. sorry for that. thanks for the explanation. I have wrong perspective about it..
By Finn Doyle 1436792
#540108 I have recently downloaded the vpilot shared cockpit extension and was wondering if you could help me i have been trying for quite a while now to join my friend on a vatsim flight i have tried going into vpilot and getting my friend to join in Observer mode with a similar callsign just with an added letter and nothing changes in game i recently found another version of vpilot on my PC called vPilot Host Mode was this what i downloaded with your link and should i have been on this when trying to get my friend to join me. many thanks in advance also if it any help I am trying to get him to join me in a quality wings 787-9 thank you