By Magnus Meese 997444
#486124 The FSX MP displays VATSIM-traffic just as expected, only it doesn't seem to want to fully accept that they're not actual players in the MP, so it does this substitute-feature to all of them, one by one, basically meaning that in a matter of minutes, every VATSIM-plane in range will have an FSX simobject aircraft or helicopter attatched to the, in my case, IVAO-model.

For example, the last time I tested this, I started an MP-session in free-mode, went to Gatwick, and logged on at a remote ramp away from traffic. Initially all is well, but FSX is not satisfied with these IVAO-models being left to their own devices, and starts assigning FSX default CRJs, 737s and A321s left and right, giving every VATSIM-traffic in range a wingman. These new aircrafts popping up are all intra-FSX reactions to the VATSIM-models being added. I have no idea why FSX wants these externally introduced models to have an FSX-assigned model accompanying it, but it does.

So, in my limited understanding of how FSX are able to display VATSIM traffic, some change has to happen on the FSX side of this in order to make this feature work properly. Mr. Dowson has an "AI zapper" in his FSUIPC software, but it's not optimized for these circumstances, and when I tried to use it to clear out the unwanted models, it also removed the guys I was trying to use the MP with in the first place.
By Magnus Meese 997444
#486576 Hi, sorry for the very late reply. It actually does seem to only happen with other players in the MP, at least I've been testing this alone for 20 minutes, and no substitutes has occured. I could've sworn I experienced this at an earlier stage when testing by myself, but I'm starting to think that I simply don't recall correctly. I'll test it again tomorrow to verify.
By Michael Wellner 1024937
Matt Davies 999034 wrote:Sorry to bring up an old topic, but can you bring this back for V2? It'd save a lot of headaches for me.

Same for me. We are trying to start a formation-flight on Vatsim, while using JoinFS to connect the pilots/aircrafts for faster connection. But we need to stop vPilot submit the aircrafts allready shown by JoinFS to FSX. There is a delete button in the .aircraft list, but it only deletes the aircraft until the next receiving of the aircraft data. Maybe you could put an ignore-button next to the delete button?
Or it would be really great, if we could get back the .ignore command in the new version of vPilot as in version 1.1.5596.33514 you posted some year ago in this thread.

BTW: Tx a lot for this masterpiece of Vatsim-Client. :D