By Ross Carlson 887155
#521469 I decided against that since it would require that vPilot have a way to automatically keep its ICAO code list up to date. It's doable, just not a priority right now. What I would probably do is just prompt the user to confirm that they want to use the code they entered, if it is not found in the list of known codes. That would allow the user to still use a new (or fictitious) code that isn't in the database yet for whatever reason.
By Clarke Kruger 847916
#521491 Problem with that is people will still put in B77F, MD1F, B747, PA28 because they still believe those are the proper ICAO codes
By Ross Carlson 887155
#521493 Of course ... there's no silver bullet ... but it would cut down on the bad codes a lot of they had to acknowledge a popup when they enter an unknown code. And it could suggest a better code as well. E.g. if they enter B747, vPilot could suggest B744, and they could switch to B744 by pressing a button.
By Ross Carlson 887155
Don Desfosse 1035677 wrote:Speaking of pressing a button... Just curious, any thoughts about my request in the first post in this thread?

Thanks Don, I'll add it to the wish list.

Do you think it should clear out the route (and perhaps alternate) fields? And maybe add or subtract 1,000 from the cruise altitude?