By Steve Moerdyk 858984
#509445 Hey Ross,

I have a quick question regarding model matching. I certainly may have missed the answer to this from the in depth post you made on the VATSIM forums:

So I understand that vPilot scans your airplane directory, but I have noticed that I have a number of traffic on VATSIM showing up as the 'default' aircraft selected. How can I improve this with the default model matching? I rather not using any third-party traffic addon simply because I hate having to manage them. If I were to simply install more PMDG liveries, would that possibly help my model matching? The more liveries I have installed, the better?

By Norman Blackburn 870575
#509447 You definitely don't want your PMDG or indeed any hi fidelity aircraft to be modelled in place of AI. After 1 or 2 being depicted your machine would be at a crawl. There is no real management required with many of these products. Once installed they should have no maintenance.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#509463 Agreed. The only "management" required is to do what everyone else does -- bite the bullet and invest the time into installing them. I installed several years ago and there is no management after that. Your experience will be exponentially more richer than looking at default aircraft.
By Jean-Pierre Audet 1353021
#510108 Hi! I had VPilot previous version that was stable, but since I did my update of 2.1.1 I cannot connect....
The system says: Your Default model was not found when we did the scan of your FSX. I tried different other one, and it always saying that????? It seems that VPilot is not able to scan my models??? Can u help? :(
By Ross Carlson 887155
#510109 Which sim are you using? FSX or P3D?

If FSX, enter this for the default model, without the quotes: "Airbus A321"

If P3D, enter this for the default model, without the quotes: "Bombardier CRJ 700"

The default model text box is on the "Model Matching" tab of the Settings window.