By Simon Kelsey 810049
#508812 Hi Ross,

This may be more difficult to implement than it seems but I wondered whether it might be possible to save the ordering of folders on the "Advanced" model matching tab?

For those of us with more than one sim, every time you switch (say, from P3D to FSX), obviously the models are rescanned and the order of folders in the Advanced tab is reset (and everything is checked again). In particular, the default Simobjects\Airplanes is automatically moved to the top, which is a pain because I have to then reshuffle them so that my WoAI folder is at the top instead. If somehow the ordering could be preserved for each sim that would save having to faff with it every time I switch from one to the other.

It's a minor thing in the grand scheme of things though!
By Ross Carlson 887155
#508814 I see the issue ... vPilot will retain your folder ordering and checkbox settings if you add/remove models to/from the current sim, but not if you switch sims. I'll set it up to restore your selections when switching back to a sim you used previously.
By Simon Kelsey 810049
#520388 Thought I would dredge this up rather than start a new topic...

Do you think it would be possible to save the list of custom model matching rule sets per simulator as well?

At the moment, I have a small but growing P3Dv4-compatible AI set, with its own associated custom rules. In FSX, however, I have a different AI set with a separate set of custom rules.

At present, although vPilot now automatically saves the ordering/selection of SimObjects folders when switching between sims, it is still necessary to go through and remove/add the appropriate custom rule sets -- it would be great if when selecting a different sim, an associated set of custom rules could also be automatically loaded.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#520389 I haven't found that it's very common for people to switch back and forth between sims, and it's even less common for such users to have different models in use in each sim, and it's even less common for such users to have different custom rule sets loaded for each sim. Indeed, to my recollection, this is the first time it's been requested.

So, it's unlikely I'll make that change. However, there is a workaround. You can tell vPilot to use a different config file with the -cfg command line option. You can create an additional shortcut for launching vPilot, point it at a different config file, and use that shortcut for P3D, and your existing shortcut (which will use the default config file) for FSX.

Obviously, any changes you want to make for both sims, such as changing your PTT, will need to be made twice, since there are now two config files in use.
By Simon Kelsey 810049
#520391 Further to my last...

I'm almost certainly being a bit silly here, but how do I go about actually pointing the new shortcut at a new config file? I tried creating a new shortcut using -cfg and when I try to launch it it (reasonably) says "Empty path name is not legal" -- where does the path go (and presumably I need to create a new file there (or copy-paste the existing one to start with) before launching)?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#520392 Yeah, sorry, I should have given more than a tiny morsel of instruction in my last post. :)

Copy your existing config file and give it a new name such as "vPilotConfigP3D.xml".

Then, assuming your config file is in the default location (local application data) and assuming your user name is Simon Kelsey, the shortcut target would have this added to it:

-cfg "C:\Users\Simon Kelsey\AppData\Local\vPilot\vPilotConfigP3D.xml"

The quotes around the config file path are required since the user name has a space in it.