By Simon Kelsey 810049
#512319 Hi Ross,

Did something change with the vPilot server-based model match rules recently? I noticed this morning I wasn't getting any BAW B747s or B777s (at least those were the ones that were obviously wrong -- I assume others must have been too).

Nothing's changed as far as my models are concerned and I've definitely seen BA widebodies before! I'll have a look later to check the identified aircraft, but I'm perplexed as to why it would have changed...


By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#513817 Are you sure "B744" was the A/C type being sent by that user's pilot client? AFAIK, the model matching doesn't look at the flight plan at all (as pictured) but rather the aircraft type code the pilot client sends out over the network (not shown).
By Simon Kelsey 810049
#513818 Hi Bradley,

I did think that but there were multiple other aircraft with B744 in their flightplan also within range and, as you can see, no B744s. It seems strange that everybody would have issues (and I've definitely seen B747s via vPilot before!).

...although now I wonder if it's something to do with the new PMDG 747 v3...?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#513826 As Brad said, vPilot does not look at the flight plan. (After all, a flight plan is not required in order to connect, so vPilot needs some other way to know the aircraft type for an aircraft without a flight plan.) It uses the type code that the pilot enters on the "Connect" window. (Or whatever the equivalent is with other pilot clients.)

I'll check the model matching database to ensure that A320 model is not marked as being usable for a B744.

Do you have any custom rule sets loaded? Including one from VMRGenerator?
By Simon Kelsey 810049
#513827 Hi Ross,

I have some very limited VMR rules loaded -- I will try getting rid of them altogether as my next step, but I don't think they should be interfering as my general philosophy is to let vPilot deal with as much as possible automatically. I'm not getting any red "aircraft not found" errors and my default model is the default C172.

I recall in previous versions it was possible to debug the model matching -- is that still the case? Would be interesting to see what process vPilot is going through to arrive at A320, and indeed, what it's being 'fed' to start with.

As I say, I've never had a problem with B747s before -- my increasing suspicion is that it might be to do with the new PMDG 747 v3 (as I first noticed the issue not long after its release!) and, perhaps, older clients like FSINN which, if I recall correctly, automatically parses the type code from somewhere.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#513829 Try opening the aircraft list window when you see this happen again. That'll show the actual type code that vPilot received from the other client. Use the .aircraft command. (Or, if you are in a split host/remote setup, just click the aircraft button on the host window.)
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
...FSINN which, if I recall correctly, automatically parses the type code from somewhere...

I believe FSInn gets the aircraft info from the "[GENERAL]" section of the aircraft.cfg file. Specifically the "atc_type=xxxx" and the "atc_model=xxxx" parameters.

FSInn users can still go in the the FSInn Flight Plan Form and manually change what FSInn "spawns" there to anything they want, whether it is the correct (or valid) type code or not.

By Simon Kelsey 810049
#513881 Solved it! :oops:

The .aircraft command was what enabled me to track it down in the end. It turned out that I had some spurious lines at the end of my very short custom model match file that must have gone in to solve the SHT/BAW issue before Ross updated it in the master rules.

Although there was no reference in that file to B744 (only B734, A319, A320, A321 and B767), for some reason it was using that rule set to match BAW B744s as well and converting them to Airbuses in the process!

Removed said lines and I think all is back to normal again.

Thanks for all the help!