By ryan stevens 1244606
#512733 Im ready to chuck this computer i have zero clue why i cannot get any of this too work. Ive tried using vmrgenerator to generate rules for ivao_mtl and that failed because it only wrote one rule for some reason. Then i tried to let it auto identify the models, it identifies like 40 out of 6000 and everything just came up as the default a321. So now im trying to use WOI and it correctly identified most of the models but things still arent working, half the planes show up as the a321 or just nothing at all, some are correct i believe but very very few. Vmrgenerator does the same [Mod - lovely stuff] that it did with IVAO_mtl, just generates a couple rules, heres the output of it below. Please someone help this is really annoying. And now for some reason it crashes my fsx after a couple of minutes, also .testmodelmatching is not working. Just says invalid command, of course the one command i need doesnt work right?
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMatchRuleSet Folder="" UpdatedOn="03/26/2017 12:04:01 AM">
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="FAH" TypeCode="B190" ModelName="WoA_HTAI_B1900C_FAH-Farnair Hungary" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="FAH" TypeCode="F27" ModelName="WoA_DW_F-27A_FAH-Farnair Hungary" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="REA" TypeCode="AT72" ModelName="WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REA)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REB)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-RED)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REE)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REF)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REG)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REH)//WoA_PAI_ATR72-500_Aer_Arann_(EI-REI)" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B190" ModelName="WoA_HTAI_B1900C_DCP-Delta Connection Kenya//WoA_HTAI_B1900C_TLB-Atlantique Air Assistance" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="BE9L" ModelName="WoA_HTAI_Beech_C90_TLB-Atlantique Air Assistance" />
By Ross Carlson 887155
#512751 If it is identifying the WoAI models, he has v2, and it is working properly. You'll still sometimes see default aircraft because WoAI doesn't have every possible aircraft type and airline combination. It has most of them, but not all. And if the other pilot has entered an invalid aircraft type, or a fictional callsign, or a fictional aircraft type and airline combination, then you won't get a match.
By Nico Kaan 814584
#514018 Hi,
Just try again with the latest version, 5.2.
A bug had slipped in, now fixed.
However, do note that rule generation for IVAO MTL is no longer possible. But WoAI will work fine.