By Ross Carlson 887155
#518696 Okay, there's a couple things going on here. First, there is a minor bug in vPilot where it is scanning the Rotorcraft folder when it shouldn't be. The reason is because the paths in your SimObjects.cfg file appear to be different than what vPilot is expecting, for the default paths such as Rotorcraft, GroundVehicles, Boats, etc. None of those folders contain usable models, so vPilot is supposed to be skipping over them. I'll make an update which should take care of that.

The second thing that's happening, I think, is that vPilot is identifying the R22, and trying to use it, but as I said before, the flyable default helicopters cannot be used as models to represent other aircraft. So I assume that vPilot tries to use it, gets an error back from P3D, and then it tries to use some other model. If you don't have any other match for an R22, it will use your default model.

Can you confirm that this is the case by checking the vPilot messages window and/or the .debug log to see if there is an error when it first tries to use the R22 model?

Note that it will only try to use an erroneous model once for each time you run vPilot. Once it gets an error trying to use a model, it adds that model to a blacklist and won't try to use it again until you restart vPilot.
By Marc DUVAL 1259627
#518697 Ross,

There reason why it scans the rotorcraft is because I added the full path in the SimObjects.cfg. With relative path, the rotorcraft folder is ignored.

Code: Select all[Entry.0]
Title=Default Airplanes
Title=Default Avatars
Title=Default Rotorcraft

You are correct on the second item, it does exactly what happens.

Then my question is : How do I view helicopters ?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#518698 That's right, vPilot expects them to be relative, since the default paths normally are. I will change it so that it ignores them whether they are relative or absolute.

If you want to see helicopters, you'll need to use an AI model set that has helicopters.