By Cameron Garrett 1330202
#513077 Hey Guys,
I've recently started flying on VATSIM and I use vPilot to connect to the network. However, on my second flight, there was ATC online and I tried contacting him. From videos and streams I've seen of people using VATSIM / vPilot I noticed that there's usually a beeping noise when connecting to ATC frequencies, however, I did not hear that. I tried contacting the controller and the TX box lit up. A couple of moments later, the RX box lit up but I couldn't hear anything. The controller messaged me a few moments later saying he'd tried to contact me 3 times, I heard none of them.

So, in summary, I can hear NO sound on vPilot.
I have tried everything I can think of..
Running it as an administrator, checking my speakers / headset, the audio section in options and nothing has worked.

Any help would be great.
By Markus Schober 1328585
#513428 If this is still an issue: make sure your radios are powered. One day I experienced an error in the sim where the radios seemed to be "on", i.e. the displays where lit and you could dial in frequencies, but avionics power was still off. AFAIR the result was similar to what you described: everything seemed alright, but it was not possible to communicate by voice (I did not try text that day).
By Cameron Garrett 1330202
#513624 Hi all,
Sorry it's been a while, I've tried everything you have all suggested and nothing has worked..

I've tried removing my virus protection / firewall but that didn't work either..

Any more help would be gladly appreciated..

Just to let you know, my headset works on things like TS2, TS3, Discord and IVAO but not vPilot.. Frustrating..

Thanks very much.
By Markus Schober 1328585
#513625 Can you hear the playback when calibrating your mic in vPilot?
Can you hear the corresponding alert sound when vPilot receives a text message?

If not, just another idea - have you checked the mixer settings (click on the speaker symbol in the task bar) where you can adjust the volume (and mute) of each running application separately?
By Yaniv Cohen 1376285
#524924 Hi guys, I know this subject was already solved but it seems to be that I have the same issue, the only difference is that I can hear Vpilot's frequency change/notification sound. I can also see the sound bar moves in the Volume Mixer when someone is transmitting on A frequency. Any suggestions/ideas would be extremely helpful. Sorry one more time for reopening this subject and thanks a lot!