By Morten Haughom 965929
#513143 Hi Ross!
First off. Your software is awesome to put it bluntly. A matured VATSIM Client, simple in use, yet powerful. Seemingly totally bug free too! Thanks for this contribution, top ten this decade :)

We have, my father and me, built a full scale 737 sim. Where the FSX computer will run vPilot in host mode. While another computer is used as the remote client, where all the pre-flight prep will happen. Connecting to VATSIM and so on.

The FSX computer boots all the way into "outside view" so to speak, a fully automated process.
For ease of use, I wonder if the host module could be auto loaded during boot and remain in memory in "idle" mode. without affecting the FSX simulation unduly.

More to the point:

Will the host vPilot "interrupt" the FSX process often while doing nothing? I.e. if we choose to run a sim session OFFLINE (not running the remote), how will the host module affect the FSX simulation?

Morten Haughom
By Ross Carlson 887155
#513160 You should be able to add vPilot to whatever your current startup process is. It will make a SimConnect connection to the sim, which will use a tiny amount of memory and a tiny amount of CPU resources, because it will be reading your aircraft position and radio states periodically. I can't imagine you would ever notice this tiny amount of idle resource usage, compared to everything else the sim machine is doing.
By Morten Haughom 965929
#513164 Thank you Ross!

Exactly what I needed to hear. vPilot is now loaded during WIN7 boot :)

Feature request:
Any chance you'll make an option for the "host" module to stay minimized, possibly in the tray?
Nice to have feature, but non-critical. So don't even consider it if it means changing entire classes of code to make it work.
I'm sure the community wants to have other features that are far more valuable in any upcoming upgrade :)