By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#513277 Hi Guys,

I was wondering what the difference between wave and directsound is? From what I can google (before someone does the LMGTFY) wave is older and directorsound is newer... now I use a Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 headset USB. I have no problem using either it seems. I probably just randomly pick on or the other. For sound output on vatsim (seeing as how the codec is older) would it be better to use wave? or would directsound be the better option?

My voice is fairly normal in RL but seems low when testing/calibrating the mic on vatsim; but sounds normal on windows options when I click "monitor device"). I've also heard myself on someone else's twitch stream before and I legit didn't know it was me for a while (there was quite a lag and I sounded super deep but that was with older headset).
By Ryan Savara 1369362
#513280 Pick whichever you please. The difference is not noticeable on most lower end headsets. I personally use Direct Sound because if my complex audio routing setup is with virtual cables and VoiceMeter Banana.

The codec is so old it almost sounds very realistic for actual VHF transmissions. There's really nothing you can do about it if it sounds fine locally, but on the network sounds bad.