By Norman Blackburn 870575
#513446 When you are connecting do you see controllers listed on the left side of vPilot?
If so do you then tune to their frequency?
Assuming you tune are you able to then transmit? If not what happens?
By Arend Pas 1372708
#513447 Norman Thnx For your reply,

I tried a lot today and at some point, it came to me, I had to put the frq in the com radio in the plane, and now I am hearing all the atc,

but no another thing what still is not working, the liverys of the planes, I only see white planes is that common?
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#513448 Arend,

To see planes other than the white planes, you need to install some AI, for example WOAI or I'm hearing stories about vPilot AI although I have no experience of it.