By Shunsuke Yamabe 1162075
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 Windows10 (x64)
 P3D v3.4
 VPilot 2.1.4
 ES beta 3.2a(r14)


I enjoy Tower View with VPilot & ES, and most things go well.
However, there is one problem; VPilot via ES proxy (i.e. Tower View mode VPilot) often fails to fetch type code from online TFC whose client is FSInn.

Attatched is the capture of Aircraft View, Debbug log, and ES Flight Plan Window. The pilot of AKX358K uses FSInn.
As far as I see the flight plan, the type of aircraft is correctly set to T/A320/F. However, Aircraft window sais Type Code = empty, along with Pending = Yes, ACC = No(I don't know what ACC means..), Ground Altitude / Static CG Height = Unknown.

It is simple if VPilot has no compatibility with FSInn, but there are still two questions.

* When I log on to VATSIM Network directly with VPilot (i.e. No Tower View), there is no problem with TFC using FSInn at all. Model information is correctly fetched and the aircraft is displayed according to model matching rules nicely.

* Tower View mode VPilot "SOMETIMES" successfully fetches the model info from FSInn client. In fact, I could see the model of exactly the same pilot of AKX358K three days ago.

Does anyone knows possible reasons or solutions?
Even "FSInn is not supported !" is helpful.


Shunsuke Yamabe.

By Shunsuke Yamabe 1162075
Ross Carlson 887155 wrote:Sounds like maybe the ES proxy isn't passing the right packets through. I suggest you post about it in the ES forum.


Thank you for your reply. I posted it to ES forum.
This topic here should be closed unless it becomes clear that this is VPilot's problem.