By Ben Rath 1274713
#514570 Thanks for your quick Reply. as long as I can connect it`s more than fine. Dont want to rush anyone in any update.

Some AI models don`t load properly. They look black and some even have weird graphic issues.
I made a quick screenshot.

Some models work (like the easy A320), some look like the BAW 777(?) in the Background (yep, the sim already loaded a while before I took the screenshot) and some models dont even look like an aircraft anymore, more like a graphical mess.

By Kim Ruben Fjeldstad 986509
#514706 I also have the same problem with Model Matching for P3D V4..

I even copied all my WoAI planes into P3D simobjects folder, but still I only get model matching errors..

So I do not know what can fix it..

Even the VMR generator is supporting P3D v4 but still it doesn`t help :)
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
Kim Ruben Fjeldstad 986509 wrote:I only get model matching errors..

That's not the same issue as described by the OP. If you get an error in vPilot, that means the sim wasn't able to locate a model it was told to load. Most likely, this means you didn't put the models in the proper location or you didn't properly add the chosen location to P3D's SimObjects.cfg file.
By Trent Hopkinson 812681
Ross Carlson 887155 wrote:What does this mean: "Also a lot of models dont actually look like real aircrafts anymore." ??

Some types of texturing that worked (kind of) in P3D v3 don't work in P3D v4. They apparently turn plain white/grey/black or transparent, depending on some random factors. This is entirely on the AI models used rather than anything related directly to vpilot. I'm sure the major publishers will need to put in some work to ensure that is fixed. Any models that have been upgraded from FS9 models have finally lost their usefulness some 14 years after they got made.

Unfortunately the WOAI models are freeware, so it's going to be a "time permitting" kind of deal, and it might be a few years till everythings back to normal. The payware vendors will likely be quicker, but I'm told even some of those have some compatibility issues in v4. Give the 64bit some time to mature, it'll probably take a couple of years.
By Kyle Weber 839039
#515003 Is there a "proper" way to have 1 vPilot install work with P3D v4 and FSX:SE? Mostly in terms of model matching files/AI. Or is 2 separate installs best?
By Ross Carlson 887155
Kyle Weber 839039 wrote:Is there a "proper" way to have 1 vPilot install work with P3D v4 and FSX:SE? Mostly in terms of model matching files/AI. Or is 2 separate installs best?

You can switch between them with a single installation of vPilot by just changing the simulator you have selected in the vPilot settings.

If you are using custom model matching rules, and you want to use different custom rules for each sim, then two separate installs would work best. However, to keep things simple, I would just install the same models in both sims so you can use the same custom rules for either sim and use a single vPilot install.