By Ross Carlson 887155
#516044 This makes me think that a worthwhile modification to vPilot might be to have it fall back to less accurate models when it can't find an exact match. It already does this now, using the similar aircraft types data, but it only does it once. Maybe there should be multiple levels of fall back.

For example, the way it is now, if it's trying to match a Delta B738, and it doesn't find an exact match, it looks for a Delta with any of the types listed as similar to B738, which include:

B731 B732 B733 B734 B735 B736 B737 B738 B739

If nothing is found there, it will use your default model.

I could modify it so that if nothing is found from that first group, it then widens the search for other mid sized twin engine airliners with under-wing mounted engines such as the A320 family.

The question is, how far should this go? If no A320 is found, should it look for larger twins such as a B757, B767, A330 or even B772?

I personally don't like the idea of seeing the completely wrong weight class of aircraft, even if it has the right airline livery, but I know others aren't so picky.

I'll put some more thought into it, but I'm curious what others think.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#516047 I think it starts to get to where it's up to each pilot's individual preference, and might be left to the user to customize model matching that suits their style. For me, I'm much more keen to see something resembling the right size of aircraft, even if it's not in the right livery. For others, I know that seeing the right livery is the most important thing.

> "That is quite the time investment."
It's something I've developed over the course of a couple years, so, yes it was. Essentially whenever I would see a white Airbus A321 I would pull up the .aircraft window (used to be .debug), find out what type code they listed, and figure out which default aircraft was a somewhat closer match to it than a small airliner.