By isabella dardenne 1395648
#515928 ello everyone would someone nice help me out doing model matching please i have tried 10 times doing it. watch a lot of youtubers and still nothing as happen. i have p3dv4 so pretty much updated.

please get to me asap so i can see who is who flying they are all jetstreams to me lol...please email me or send me an pm if you wish.

cheers isa xx
By Domingos Nunes 959014
#515953 Hello! I think I have the same problem. I am running P3Dv3. Some time ago I was able to see other aircraft at airports, with their liveries. Now, for aircraft as common as those used by BA and Ryanair, I only see the default model without any livery.
What should I do?


By Don Desfosse 1035677
#515968 Most common reasons include:

1. You don't have AI that support the aircraft type that you are trying to see. For example, BAW doesn't fly the C172, but if someone logs in as a BAW C172, regardless of what they filed in their flight plan, and you don't have a BAW C172 AI (I'm guessing it doesn't exist!), you are likely to see a generic representation.

2. Similar to above, a user, regardless of what they filed in their flight plan, logs on using an incorrect aircraft type for which you don't have AI. For example, instead of logging in as a B772, a member accidentally logs on as a B775. That aircraft doesn't exist, so there is likely no AI for it, so you are likely to see a generic representation.

One way to try to troubleshoot is, when you see a generic representation (e.g. white A321), type .aircraft into vPilot. A window will open that shows you all aircraft within range of yours, including the callsign and aircraft type code. For any generic aircraft (e.g. white A321s), look at their callsign and aircraft type. Determine if they logged in with an invalid aircraft type. If so, your issue was caused by them. If not, determine if you have AI to support the callsign prefix and aircraft type. If not, either they are using a wonky combination, which is their fault, or you don't have enough suitable AI, which would be your problem to fix (assuming you want a better simulation experience).
By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#515976 What's the best way to get the models?

Last time I wrote down the error type codes (from .aircraft), looked them up, they were correct but I don't have models. So I went to download the smallest freeware of the type.

Is this a good way to "fill the gap" of missing models? For instance last time out there was a E55P and a PA31, so I downloaded a freeware Phenom 300 (E55P) and a freeware Navajo (PA31).
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#515984 Please make sure you are downloading and installing AI. This is not the same as downloading and installing flyable aircraft! Using flyable aircraft as AI generally slows your sim to a crawl, as your sim will attempt to render a higher resolution image, stealing resources away from the sim. AI utilize low resolution models that have a low impact on your frame rates. Luckily for us, vPilot is smart enough to know the difference and doesn't automatically use high-res models; you would have to manually alter the model matching setup to get vPilot to do that (and I STRONGLY recommend you do not!).

Most folks use WoAI (World of AI) as their freeware solution. There are many payware solutions also. There are no packages that I'm aware of that have an extensive fleet of small/GA aircraft. Suggest you perform a search and see what packages are right for you. Suggest you start with WoAI though. Ross Carlson wrote and has generously shared a WoAI downloader with the community. See this postfor more information, and note carefully that the AvSim Library and AvSim Forums use separate logins; you MUST use AvSim Library login to obtain the desired packages. Note also that this is a downloader; you'll need to actually install the packages yourself using the WoAI installer. Here's a link to WoAI:
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Lindsey Wiebe 1101951 wrote:Last time I wrote down the error type codes (from .aircraft), looked them up, they were correct but I don't have models. So I went to download the smallest freeware of the type. Is this a good way to "fill the gap" of missing models? For instance last time out there was a E55P and a PA31, so I downloaded a freeware Phenom 300 (E55P) and a freeware Navajo (PA31).

It's one way. Another is to build a custom model-match set that takes many, many commonly seen types (and even some common typos and other incorrect codes for types) and substitutes the closest thing (similar size/type/appearance) that the default set has. Then put this at the very bottom of the model match priority list so that any better and closer match will be caught first, and this set is used as a last resort.

(EDIT: this is based on the default set of aircraft for FSX:Acceleration, but you can apply the same concept to whatever simulator you use and the default models it comes with.)

Code: Select all<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMatchRuleSet Folder="" UpdatedOn="6/24/2017 10:43:00 PM">

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A321" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="321"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CONC" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B752" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B753" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B757" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="752"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="753"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="757"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B721" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B722" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B727" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="721"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="722"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="727"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC8"  ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC85" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC86" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC87" ModelName="Airbus A321" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C135" ModelName="Airbus A321" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B738" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B731" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B732" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B733" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B734" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B735" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B736" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B737" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B739" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="731"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="732"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="733"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="734"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="735"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="736"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="737"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="738"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="739"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A318" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="318"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A319" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="319"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A320" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="320"  ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E170" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E175" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E190" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E195" ModelName="Boeing 737-800" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B744" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="741"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="742"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="743"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="744"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="748"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="74F"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="74R"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="74S"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B741" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B742" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B743" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B748" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B74F" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B74R" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B74S" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A340" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A342" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A343" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A345" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A346" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="340"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="342"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="343"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="345"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="346"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A380" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A388" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="380"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="388"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A3ST" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="3ST"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B772" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B773" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B777" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B77F" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B77L" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B77W" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="772"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="773"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="777"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="77F"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="77L"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="77W"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A330" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A332" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="A333" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="330"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="332"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="333"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B783" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B787" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B788" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B789" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="783"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="787"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="788"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="789"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B762" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B763" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B764" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B767" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="762"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="763"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="764"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="767"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD11" ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C17"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C5"   ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B52"  ModelName="Boeing 747-400" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="BE58" ModelName="Beech Baron 58" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B58"  ModelName="Beech Baron 58" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E121" ModelName="Beech Baron 58" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C404" ModelName="Beech Baron 58" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="AC90" ModelName="Beech Baron 58" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B200" ModelName="Beech King Air 350" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B350" ModelName="Beech King Air 350" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E110" ModelName="Beech King Air 350" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E120" ModelName="Beech King Air 350" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CRJ7" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CRJ"  ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CRJ1" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CRJ2" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CRJ9" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CR1"  ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CR2"  ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CR7"  ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CR9"  ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E135" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E145" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F100" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F70"  ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C172" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C72R" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="172"  ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C150" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="150"  ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C152" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="152"  ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C82"  ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C182" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C82R" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C208" ModelName="Cessna Grand Caravan" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="208"  ModelName="Cessna Grand Caravan" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DHC2" ModelName="DeHavilland Beaver DHC2" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DH8A" ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DH8B" ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DH8C" ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DH8D" ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C130" ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F50"  ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F60"  ModelName="de Havilland Dash 8-100" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC3"  ModelName="Douglas DC-3" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC3C" ModelName="Douglas DC-3" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC3S" ModelName="Douglas DC-3" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC3T" ModelName="Douglas DC-3" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C47"  ModelName="Douglas DC-3" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C47R" ModelName="Douglas DC-3" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E300" ModelName="Extra 300S" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F18"  ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="FA18" ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F18F" ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F14"  ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F15"  ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F16"  ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F22"  ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="F35"  ModelName="FA-18 Hornet" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G21"  ModelName="Grumman Goose G21A" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DHC6" ModelName="Grumman Goose G21A" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DH6B" ModelName="Grumman Goose G21A" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C337" ModelName="Grumman Goose G21A" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ45" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ23" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ24" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ25" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ31" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ35" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ40" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ55" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="LJ60" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G150" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="GALX" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="GLF2" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="GLF3" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="GLF4" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="GLF5" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G300" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G350" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G400" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G450" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G500" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="G550" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C25A" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="525A" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C25B" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="525B" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C500" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C501" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C510" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C525" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C526" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C550" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C551" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C560" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C56X" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C650" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C680" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C750" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DJET" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="WW24" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E50P" ModelName="Learjet 45" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="E55P" ModelName="Learjet 45" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="M7"   ModelName="Maule M7 260C" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD83" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD81" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD82" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD87" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD88" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="MD90" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC91" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC92" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC93" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC94" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DC95" ModelName="McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-83" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="M20T" ModelName="Mooney Bravo" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="M20M" ModelName="Mooney Bravo" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="PC12" ModelName="Mooney Bravo" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="PA32" ModelName="Mooney Bravo" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51"  ModelName="P51 Racer" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51A" ModelName="P51 Racer" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51B" ModelName="P51 Racer" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51C" ModelName="P51 Racer" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51D" ModelName="P51 Racer" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51H" ModelName="P51 Racer" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P51K" ModelName="P51 Racer" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="PA28" ModelName="Piper Cherokee 180" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="P28R" ModelName="Piper Cherokee 180" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="SR22" ModelName="Piper Cherokee 180" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DA20" ModelName="Piper Cherokee 180" />
  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="DA40" ModelName="Piper Cherokee 180" />

  <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="J3"   ModelName="Piper Cub" />

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By Nick Warren 813047
#516006 Nice contribution Robert! Just as a heads up, P3Dv4 from what I've seen (and I'm new to the platform), doesn't include some of the models that existed in FSX (ie: 737, A321, etc.) I had AI downloaded and rules set for FSX, but I am still working getting those over to P3D. I know there are numerous ones that will not work. That said, with your model matching rules, I think the OP and other P3Dv4 users mileage may vary.

By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Nick Warren 813047 wrote:with your model matching rules, I think the OP and other P3Dv4 users mileage may vary.

True. I meant to specify that the one I posted was optimized for FSX:Acceleration as that is what I use. Forgot to say it in the post; thanks for helping me clarify. Still, the concept is useful and can be applied to any simulator's default models -- a rule-set can be created and placed in last-resort position that takes whatever set of aircraft types you encounter and tries to substitute a plane that is reasonably close to the right size and silhouette. (At a distance that's all that really matters anyway.)