By Caleb Duress 1383581
#515941 So done some flights and have not seen a single plane besides the AI aircraft that are normal on FSX. I've checked all the threads related to this kind of issue and tried and seen if that was the cause, and haven't found something that works. What could possibly be the problem? I have many planes that have model matched just not seeing the traffic.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#515950 Suggest this for troubleshooting purposes:

1. Turn off your AI aircraft (not recommended to have those on when connected to VATSIM anyway)
2. Connect at an airport where there are multiple aircraft on the ground
3. Type .aircraft That will give you an indication of how far away the aircraft are.
4. Determine if you can see all/some/none of them
5. Report your results

Sometimes, there are funky things that happen with AI and aircraft shadows, etc. But this should at least help get you started.