By Fynn Hiort 1401126
#516554 Hello, I have decided to use vatsim next to ivao and I've got some difficulties after connecting to it. I can't see any other aircrafts than blank CRJs, although they are not supposed to be CRJs. I tried to manually only enable IVAO_MTL and all that sort of things, but there are still only CRJs (or default FSX planes).
Can anyone help me?

Cheers already ;)
By Norman Blackburn 870575
Fynn Hiort 1401126 wrote:I've now added something to my simobjects cfg and I can now select WOAI in my settings but there are still only CRJs (the weird thing is that I can also see a 747 standing there)


What did you add to it please?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#516598 If he can select WoAI in the model matching settings, then vPilot is finding the folder.

Flynn, when you are online with other aircraft nearby, open the aircraft list by typing the ".aircraft" command. Take a screenshot of the list and post a link to the screenshot for us to take a look at.

Also, in the list of folders in the model matching settings, how many models does it say it identified in the WoAI folder?