By Jonas Tilly 1372915
#516776 Hey guys, sorry to bother you but I felt kinda forced starting a new topic as I found nothing similar on the internet. This evening on my first flight via VATSIM, when I was about to pushback, I noticed a strange frequency on the left. It was 121.370. All I was able to put in is 121.375, but never .370. Can you help me with that? I'd be obliged. Thanks in advance and always safe flying!
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#516810 Right -- real-world COM frequencies are spaced 0.025 mHz apart. But colloquially as well as in some Pilot Clients we refer to frequencies only out to two decimal places -- 118.00, 118.02, 118.05, etcetera. The software (generally) treats them the same.