By Reece Upadhyay 1347082
#516845 Hello,
I tried to file a flight plan from PFPX through the website although it gave me the error "an unrecognised response was recieved from the server. It said: ". So it wouldn't let me file it. So I decided to File through vpilot. It let me connect and it said "flight plan filed" but it said no flight plan was found when trying to fetch it. I was running a wired connection but switched to wireless because of access issues. I have run the client as admin, allowed it through firewall and installed simconnect through EVS in redist folder or whatever it is

How could I solve the issue, cheers
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#516850 Just for a stab in the dark at a quick fix, I've heard of bugs and glitches filing flightplans related to either the comment field length or total length being too long. I'm not sure what the character limits are so perhaps someone else can provide more details. But, as a first troubleshooting step, try filing the same exact flightplan but with *blank* remarks and see what happens.

Most of the remarks that third-party flightplanning apps add are extraneous anyway.