By Jan Wilhelm 1288922
#516868 As seen in this gif Image
I can't do anything after selecting the Sim.

I just installed everything brand new, this was my first try to startup VPilot.
I had Migration Tool running and enabled at that moment, maybe that had something to do with it?
I'm running P3D v3.4

Thanks for your awesome work!
By Ross Carlson 887155
#516870 It looks like the OK button is being rendered below the edge of the window, making it unable to be clicked. In your display settings, what do you have for the DPI or zoom setting?

(Please delete your duplicate post from the "version 2 now stable" thread.)
By Johnathan Lee 811200
#516898 If there is only an "OK" button not visible try selecting the sim then hitting <TAB> then <SPACEBAR>. That might blindly press the button a achieve the goal.

If it turns out there are more buttons, then it might take more than one tab.