By Andrej Sitar 1402754
#517160 Hi all,

Im trying to get work VOICE communication between my default Cessna 172 and ATC.
But when I dial ATC frequency inside an airplane, nothing happens.. A can see that freqency in vPilot window in COM1, but ATC cant see me on their frequency and TX, RX labes are not ON (illuminated)

Everything works great e.g. with my Airbus A32X.

Thanks in advance..
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#517162 It could be that either the Master or Avionics power switches aren't turned on. vPilot requires both of those in order for the radios to work. If you can't find the actual switches for both of those, you could try assigning a hotkey to them in the Options -> Settings -> Controls window and using that to toggle them.

If that doesn't help, can you post a screenshot of the vPilot window?
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#517233 If I understood your first post that you dialed the frequency using the in-sim radio, then yeah, your simulated radios most likely had power.

Can we assume that the controller whose frequency you dialed up was one that was listed in your in-range controller list, on the left side of the vPilot window? If you look up their frequency on VATtastic or VAT-Spy or something like that, but don't see it in your available ATC list in vPilot, it means they're out of range.

Apologies if these are simple, "duh" solutions. Just trying to start with the simplest explanations and work up. Best of luck!
By Markus Schober 1328585
Andrej Sitar 1402754 wrote:I bet it was ON, as avionics works

Better don't bet on it because I remember being fooled by what seemed to be a glitch in FSX where the avionics power was off but the radios were lit and could be tuned, but no communication with ATC was possible. What helped me realize what was going on was the buzzing sound of vPilot when I pressed the push-to-talk button (the sound that also occurs when you try to transmit on an invalid frequency).