By Kostas Alamanas 1361598
#517302 Hey , i want to see other peoples aircraft liveries, installed everything the way it should be done using WOAI package installer and then VMR Generator and most of the aircrafts i see are (ghost grey silver ) like this ( ). I only see some aircrafts which are a specific airline e.g EasyJet, Delta , Monarch .These are my setting in vpilot.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#517338 Note that VMRGenerator is not necessary since vPilot 2.0 will use the WoAI models automatically. VMRGenerator does have a feature where it will use a model from another airline if you don't have one for the correct airline, so if you like that feature, you will still want to use VMRGenerator.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#517346 I have no idea why the textures aren't working ... my best guess is that it's a video driver issue.

Note that the default white aircraft is shown when you don't have a matching model to show. That will always happen from time to time, especially if the other pilot doesn't file the right aircraft type code or they file a type code that the real airline doesn't fly.
By Ernesto Martinez 1286139
#517353 It could be that you are running the Sim with DirectX 10 on, which does that (or at least did that to me). Try turning Direct X off and running the sim. You do so in the settings. Here is a screenshot: ... ringed.jpg