By Erich Berner 834484
#517486 Hi all

Does anyone have any experience with splitting the headset ATC audio to two headsets. A friend and I sometimes fly together and I'd like the audio being fed to both of our headsets from the same PC, rather than playing the ATC audio through the speakers.

I believe you need Virtual Audio Cable and a splitter to achieve this. Does anyone have any experience with doing this?

By Richard Williams 1203331
#517487 Yes I have done this using two soundcards (or USB headsets as it counts as a sound card), and a free piece of software called Voicemeeter.

I have constructed a PA28 home cockpit and now have two headsets which work as intercom, so you can speak to each other, both receive sounds from the simulator and vPilot. The only problem I've had so far is that only one microphone can send to vPpilot at one time. I'm working on that, but it can be swapped between the two by calling up the Voicemeeter control panel.

Hope this helps :)