By James Crisp 1377989
#517493 Hey so I made the switch to P3D V4, finally got it all setup and getting back into controlling, I load up Euroscope with no major issues, load up P3D V4, Load into Tower Controller View, then load vPilot (All as Administrator), type the .towerview command into vPilot, it says connected as an observer, but nothing appears in my P3D client, I do .aircraft to see if it's doing anything it's not registering any aircraft to load.

I'm kinda stuck between is this a Euroscope issue, that it's not telling vPilot the information it needs (the proxy server is running), a vPilot issue where it's not reading properly, or just that it can't inject traffic into P3D V4 using the towerview command (model matching works correctly when flying normally).

I have posed this same question to the developer of Euroscope as i'm not sure exactly where in the chain the problem is.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#517494 If you have ES connected at a field where there are definitely aircraft, and you see nothing in vPilot's .aircraft list, then it sounds like an ES issue.

Definitely not a P3D v4 issue if vPilot works fine when connected as a pilot.