By William vanPoelje 1405262
#517817 Hello! I'm having trouble with the connect window in Vpilot. :? I am not able to enter information in the "recent aircraft" box. The dropdown menu (recent aircraft) is empty. Which is normal because this is the first time I am using vPilot. But I am not able to enter data into the white line either. It is blocked for text entry. Please help!
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#517819 Just to be clear, you're saying you can't click on the "Callsign" box below the dropdown? It's the green box highlighted below:


Can you click on the other two text boxes on that row?
By William vanPoelje 1405262
#517821 Dear Bradley,

Thanks for your reply. No, it is not the call sign window. I'm not able to enter data in the line above that (Recent Aircraft). I just discovered that I am able to connect in observer mode. But not in the "normal" mode.