By Zachary Gerkin 1392914
#518114 I was on VATSIM earlier today and was unaware that I was taxiing into other aircraft. It turns out I cannot see other aircraft. I can see FSX default aircraft and hear the default FSX ATC.

I use vPilot and Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. I run Windows 10 on a Lenovo Laptop.

I would appreciate all the help I could get with this issue so I can get back in the skies!


Zachary G (1392914)
P1 // VATSIM Pilot
By Robert Padgham 1321388
#518156 HI Zachary
For seeing Default FSX aircraft, in the sim, try going to Options>Settings>Display>Traffic and make sure the Airline and GA traffic density sliders are on 0%. If you have FSX AI traffic turned on, they will conflict with Vatsim traffic.

As for not seeing Vatsim traffic, I'm not sure, but one thing you can try is going into vPilot >Settings>Performance and make sure you have some sensible figures in the boxes. For instance if you have "Do not display aircraft beyond O NM" there's a chance you aren't going to see any.

I'm no expert, BTW

Good Luck.

Rob Padgham