By Jürgen Preusker 1167322
#518398 Hello together,

i have one question regarding a possible model matching fallback function inside vpilot.

I actually use the latest VMRGenerator in P3Dv4 and vPilot import my rules with about 7000 custom liveries set. When flying offline with RealTraffic/PSXseeconTraffic and i dont have a special livery for a Delta B789 for instance the missing livery/model will replaced by the B789 in the house livery or another livery but still a B789 model/livery.

When flying online with vPilot a missing livery ends up in displaying the "Default Model" i set inside vPilot options every time. Is this a limitation of the software itself or do i have a chance to edit the *.VMR file for a fallback function to get the right model when available in the VMR file?

I hope my question is clear because my english isn't :) regards