By Victor Selin 1406479
#518549 Hi All,
I am trying to transmit into the tuned frequency by texting - no success. I was able to chat with ATC on the private messages tab, but in the main Messages type I got an error:

FSX Stream edition.
Airbus X A320, tuned to 122.8
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#518572 Out of curiosity, which version of vPilot are you using Victor? (It should be displayed as the first line of text in the chat area when you launch vPilot).

This post by Ross suggests that the "Syntax error when trying to send radio text as observer" issue was fixed long ago.
By Victor Selin 1406479
#518594 v 2.1.7
I probably missed that discussion. I was trying to google the error message with no luck. Network error - usually means some issues with simcconnect or the network which is not my case. To avoid confusion I would use something like "error: observer mode is active". I was surprised that google gave me unrelevant solutions. The forum as usual was extremely helpful.