By ezio cingolani 953405
#518734 Hi...I have been using vPilot on P3D V3 for more than one year without any issue, intially with UT2 and WOAI models and then with UT LIve.
Since I installed P3DV4.1 evrerytime I connect online using vPilot (v 2.1.7) it causes a drop in FPS and even worse a significant stuttering even if there a just two or three aircraft around. Switching offiline brings everything back to normal. I am using vPilot in a networked environment installed in the client laptop.
Any idea or troubleshooting suggestion ?
Thanks in advance

By Bill Ruppel 816871
#519210 Well, for one thing, WoAI models are not compatible with P3D v4.x... many/most are FS9 models that are no longer supported. Yep, a hard truth that we just have to accept.

I can't speak for UT2 (as I don't own that), but I have been using UT Live + v4.1 with no issues whatsoever; the developers say all the models are FSX-native and hence compatible.

- Bill