By Jonathan Gibbons 1363423
#518837 Hi, I’m using WoAI models in P3Dv4.1 and a lot of them show as transparent. I’m assuming this is due to some kind of texture conflict which can expect for some old models. Because of this I have a couple of questions:

1) is there a way to identify which models are causing the transparency? I’d prefer to delete them and have default models than a transparent model!

2) I own both My Traffic 6 and UT2, however I do not want to use them for AI traffic as I use vatsim. Is it possible to ONLY use them for models? If so how would I do the install?

3) are there any other more p3dv4 compatible options? I don’t really want to buy a full traffic add on (UT Live for example) as I only want the models, if possible.

By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519083 I don't own P3D (yet) so may not be the ultimate help, but I'll try. Perhaps some of the reticence for others to write is because your questions have been answered dozens of times already right here on these forums, plus thousands of times on other forums.

But I'll give it a shot:

0. Yes, P3Dv4 doesn't "like" old FS9 models, as well as FSX models that were originally produced for FS9.
1. Yes, you can use the .aircraft command, but it will be a very manual process to delete them one by one.
2. Yes, you can (and IMO should) use them for VATSIM AI. You'll just want to ensure your simulator AI traffic level is set to zero before using those models on VATSIM. Your installed AI can be used by your simulator for AI in the simulator, and/or are used by your pilot client to show other aircraft near you in (hopefully) correct livery.
3. Someone with more P3D knowledge would have to help with that.