By Miles Franklin 1339916
#518839 Good mornin

Ive read the FAQ questions but did not find my problem. Also searched in the forun with no results. I had a big pc problem and had to reinstall FSX.

I plan my flights inFLIGHT PLANNER, check them out in SKY VECTOR and then I copy the rute in SIMACARS. I managed to connect to VATTASTIC but in order to see my flight I have to register, wich I already am.

So I chequed Vpilot and it did not open. Downloaded it again v-2.1.7 and I get this error.. ***Unchandled exception. SimConnect not found***...

My pc :: :windows 7 professional, intel core 2 duo CPU, E8400 @3.00 ghz, 54 bits, 6GB in ram, Geforce GT520 1024MB DDR3

Any help will be gladdly accepted...

thank you very much...

miles franklin
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#518855 When you reinstalled FSX, did you also reinstall the Acceleration package (assuming the boxed and not the Steam version)? If not, that's probably the root cause.