By Eugene Olenchik 1407744
#518927 Hello Everyone
I installed vpilop as it seems to me correctly. I created the VMR by use VRMgenerator and connected vrm file to the client. I put a folder with UTlive traffic in the folder simObjects, as a result, in all airports show only the default CRJ. Vpilot gives an error on reading the files of every aircraft. Message is:
Failed to crate aircraft XXX123 Using model "". The model may be corrupt or missing. Vpilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model.
Everything is in place, everything is connected. I understand if it was for some planes, but for everyone?
Give me advice?
Prepar3d V4.1, client 2.1.9 (2.1.10)
Please see attached file.
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By Eugene Olenchik 1407744
Bradley Grafelman 1242018 wrote:Why did you use VMRGenerator? Did vPilot not automatically locate and identify the models?

Not. I put UTlive folder to simobjects folder.
Vpilot Does not find UTlive folder . Ivao_mtl and airplanes only.
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#518930 If vPilot can't find the folder, it's likely that your sim won't, either.

Since the default Prepar3D installation won't scan the UTlive folder for models, did you add this new path (e.g. by modifying SimObjects.cfg or via the new add-on.xml method)?