By Maurizio Cinti 810943
#518973 Today installed latest release 2.1.10 and VPilot Remote stopped working with this message ...

Reverse back to old 2.1.7 don't work as well.
VPilot Host on P3D server seems to run as always, remote doesn't anymore.
I installed P3dv4 , but I'm not still using it, so P3D v3 is actually in use.
Last week all was running smoothly. Nothing else was changed since then.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#518974 You said vPilot host on P3D server seems to run ... are you saying you're getting this error on the vPilot remote? If so, that means you're not actually running it in remote mode, because in remote mode, vPilot does not search for a simulator.