By Todd Malek 893834
#518989 Hey Ross,

I've recently purchased P3Dv4.1 and will slowly start migrating over from FSX. For now I will continue to use both as there a lot of aircraft that are still not compatible and some never will be with v4 that I still enjoy flying.

So I'd like to know what process you would recommend in switching between the two within vPilot? I guess the biggest thing would be the Model Matching section and what to do with custom selected VMR files? Obviously most FSX models are yet to be compatible with v4 so what do you recommend I do when I go from one sim to the other?

The reason I asked is when I did a flight today, P3D CTD'd as soon as the controller from the departing airport dropped from my Controller list in vPilot. Coincident or not, I just want to make sure I'm not introducing any instability within v4 while online.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#518993 In terms of configuring model matching, you should do the same thing as you did for FSX. Let vPilot detect the models that it can, and use custom VMR files for those that it can't. If you can install all the same models in P3D that you have in FSX, then you should be able to use the same configuration in vPilot.

It is true, however, that some models that work in FSX don't work in P3D v4. I believe they are the models that were built originally for FS9. I know that's the case with some of the World of AI models. Not sure about other model packages.
By Todd Malek 893834
#519017 Thanks for the info Ross. I tried leaving them in there but most planes that it does find are invisible in the sim. Most likely incompatible.

I'm probably better off just keeping those that are compatible and then remove the others that aren't so that it at least displays the set default model.

A little more manual work to switch between sims but I guess that's about the only option we have for now.

By Bill Ruppel 816871
#519211 Todd, check out UT Live - they have a huge number of FSX-native models that are fully compatible with P3D v4.x.

Just don't use the "AI" part of UT Live when flying on VATSIM. I have it completely disabled by commenting out the entry in the add-on.xml file, because I only fly on VATSIM.

- Bill
By David Spackman 1258591
#519648 HI Bill

I am having the issue of no AI traffic in P3dv4 and would ask you if you would be kind enough to explain the bit about commenting out the entry in the add on XML file for UT Live. I really do not understand the add on things for P3dv4.

Is UT Live a good source for AI traffic?

Kind regards