By Andre Almeida 1333905
#519306 Hello,

I have been using vPilot for quite some time now, and never have I had any issues with model matching.

I haven't changed anything for over a month, as I was satisfied with what I was getting. Suddenly I started to not see aircraft anymore, unless I had model matching deactivated. All I could see of them were some lights.

As I believe a picture explains it better, here goes: . An aircraft is where the red rectangle is, however all one can see are some of his lights.

At this moment I am on an airport with several other aircraft, and this is what I see with model matching activated: . The few aircraft I can see are those that my model matching isn't identifying, thus it's showing the default aircraft.
Now, if I deactivate model matching this is what I see: .

vPilot is able to find the models: . According to my sim the aircraft are identified with correct callsign and aircraft model: .

I tried it already with WoAI ; MyTraffic ; IVAO_MTL , but not one of them seems to do the trick.

I uninstalled vPilot, deleted the vPilot folder and reinstalled it, didn't help either.

I am now out of ideas. Any suggestion of what I could try?