By Sander Maekivi 1386268
#519364 Hello,

I've been using vpilot for a couple of months but just now i've been getting this weird problem. For some reason i can hear for example London Centre and Frankfurt ATC, but I cannot hear any Dutch ATC. ATC can hear me but i cannot hear then. When i press the PTT button I get a buzz aswell. I've restarted Vpilot, reinstalled vpilot, added port forwarding and created an exception to the port in firewall... but the problem still exists. Any help would be wonderful because i find flying on text boring.

Thank you in advance,
By Ross Carlson 887155
#519378 The bug fix Don is referring to had to do with connecting with one callsign, and then disconnecting and reconnecting with a different callsign. Are you doing that?
By Ross Carlson 887155
#519380 No, that's not the fix, that's the cause of the bug Don is referring to.

Your issue is caused by something else. My best guess is that something, either in your system or at your ISP, is blocking your connection to the voice server that the Dutch controllers are using. If you get the buzzer when you press PTT, that means vPilot is not successfully connected to the voice server.