By David Spackman 1258591
#519616 Hello everyone
I have just recently upgraded from FSX to P3Dv4.1. Everything is working well except that I have the white default aircraft when on the VATSIM network using Vpilot. I did go into model matching when switching the Sim and chose P3d and let Vpilot read the files.

I do recall when I had FSX that I used WOAI to get the models which Vpilot then reads.
In P3d I am only using the payware PMDG aircraft and I read somewhere that they are ignored by Vpilot when model matching.

The only thing I have done recently is delete my P3d shaders file as I updated the Video card drivers and found an instruction to delete the shaders file and let it rebuild. This I assume has no effect in Vpilot.

I really do not understand the whole issues of adding aircraft in P3dv4 and whether there is the equivalent of WOAI to get the models of aircraft that Vpilot can read. Am I correct in my thinking that without AI aircraft and not the payware kind then Vpilot will not see the different types of aircraft and liveries when flying on VATSIM.

Kind regards to everyone I do hope you can help clarify this for me.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519627 Yes, you have to have, and your client needs to know where to find, AI in order for anything (other than the default) to be displayed. (Most) WoAI is fine (although several of their models were made for FS9, and as a result don't know properly in P3D (they appear as all black aircraft)), vPilot AI is fine, payware is fine, but you have to have some kind of AI for liveries to be displayed, otherwise all you will ever see is the default aircraft.

So I strongly suggest you install AI and/or ensure your simulator can see the AI through it's configuration file. If you run into any issues, suggest you first have a look back on this forum -- there are dozens of related threads -- or ask away here with more detailed troubleshooting information (e.g. AI used, locations, simobjects.cfg data, etc.).
By David Spackman 1258591
#519645 Hi Don

Thank you for your reply much appreciated. So to sum up I have to have either freeware or payware AI eg Ultimate traffic or VpilotAI etc etc. I was mistaken thinking that payware aircraft like PMDG would provide the AI needed. As of this time it seems that there is no payware AI that really suits P3dv4 from an installation point of view is this correct. I have no idea what the simobjects.cfg file does.

Kind regards
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519650 Yes, you do need either freeware or payware AI to see other aircraft in correct liveries.

These AI are low-resolution models so as not to kill the frame rates on your setup; utilizing high-def aircraft such as the PMDG would kill your framerates, and given enough of them. would likely crash your sim.

I don't use P3D (yet!), so hopefully someone else can chime in with recommendations on AI that work well with P3D. Although not all freeware might work seamlessly, it's certainly better than nothing.

Once you install AI, if you are still having trouble seeing other aircraft, you could check your simobjects.cfg file to ensure there is an entry for your AI, such that your setup "sees" the AI (i.e. knows where to look for it).