By Joel Martinsson 1365065
#519715 So, I have been off Vatsim for a few months and now I reaaallyyy want to get back to it. I just finished reinstalling FSX (yes I still use FSX) after my computer somehow deleted a few files from FSX. I have been refreshing my memory with procedures etc for a while now and I feel ready to go into Vatsim and start. However when I am trying to connect using vPilot it just gives me the error message "vPilot is unable to connect to the simulator. Please ensure that FSX/P3D is running and a flight is loaded". I have searched all over google but it seems like im the only one experiencing this issue. What should I do to make this work? :?:

/Joel :)
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519741 If you uninstalled SP2, I'm not at all surprised vPilot won't work correctly; SP2 and/or Acceleration are one of the system requirements for vPilot.

I'm confused why you're having troubles. Did you ensure your system meets the system requirements, install SimConnect and .NET framework per the Documentation.

If not, or if you're not sure, try installing per the documentation and let us know how that goes.
By Joel Martinsson 1365065
#519742 Now when I try to reinstall SP2 it gives me the error message "To install SP2 you need to have Microsoft Flight Simulator English version". My game is on English and there is no option to choose Swedish version. Wow I did not thought it would be so much issue with this urghhh.
By Joel Martinsson 1365065
#519766 Is there any kind soul out there that is willing to send me the FSX files? I have lost my discs but I still have the activation code written down. I believe that the source I download from (my old computer) is missing files. For example the SDK folder is completely gone. I don't have money to get p3d or xplane atm.