By Richard Menz 1410495
#519765 I am using a desktop computer with FSX delux addition. I have the simulator running and when I try to connect to the vpilot I get "Vpilot is unable to connect to the simulator, ensure FSX/P3D is running and flight is loaded".
I have read a lot of the discussion regarding this on the forums but I am not as computer savy as most of the partisipants and am confused about looking at Sim files.
Does any body have any suggestions how I can get connected?
By Richard Menz 1410495
#519781 I have started the flight simulator and have the aircraft sitting on the ramp running. Then I click on Vpilot. The box show up and it goes through some connection checks then BEEPING and red letters appear that says "Version_mismatch 5 SIM CONNECTION FAILURE".
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#519792 Funny, I just answered this for someone else just 3 days ago....

Assuming your error message actually says "SimConnect Error: VERSION_MISMATCH 5", sounds like you failed to install the correct version of SimConnect. Did you ensure your system meets the system requirements, and install SimConnect per the vPilot Documentation?

If not, or if you're not sure, try installing per the documentation, including installing the correct version of SimConnect, and let us know how that goes.
By Joel Martinsson 1365065
#519806 I have the exact same issue and found out that I miss the SDK folder. I lost my discs so I can't redownload completely only from another computer which is the issue since the original version on my computer is broken somehow. Could you check for me if you have the SDK folder?
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#519809 Joel,

Your other topic on this issue got locked because you headed in the wrong direction with your posts. Tread softly...