By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#520074 On Simbrief, there is an option to prefile your flightplan on VATSIM at the bottom. Click that link and submit the following form. Next, login to VATSIM (within two hours of filing) with the callsign you specified. In the flightplan window, click "Fetch from Server" and you plan will be pulled.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#520075 Note that if you prefile through simbrief, there is no need to pull the flight plan into vPilot. At that point your flight plan is already filed, so pulling it into vPilot's flight plan form serves no practical purpose that I can see.
By Tomas Hansson 840812
David Hinson 824431 wrote:How do you download a flight plan from SimBrief for use in vPilot ?

To answer your actual question about downloading, in case you don't want to pre-file... You can use the "Squawkbox" file format in the Downloads section and load that into vPilot.
By David Hinson 824431
#520078 Thanks, all, for the quick responses. Yes, I have prefiled from SimBrief, but I thought I wanted to see the flight plan in vPilot (it does not show up in vPilot, I don't think. I'm new to vPilot, but find it easier than SquawkBox).
I just though maybe the SquawkBox download would work , but haven't tried it.