By Henrik Bergvin 1406921
#520133 This is a cross post from the avsim forums, attempting to get some clarity in this issue I am having.

I am having the weirdest of problems with vPilot (and also EuroScope when observing). The sound/comms randomly stops working until press the transmit button. It is as if vPilot loses connection with the network but is then resolved immediately when I press send.

This happens in vPilot and also in EuroScope, but no other software.

I have wondered if this is related to my sound setup (using VoiceMeeter with virtual sound devices), but then I believe I should have noticed this with other software as well - especially communications software.

This is driving me insane, and it has caused trouble for me on numerous occasions (not following ATC commands, because, surprise, I can't hear them). This is especially noticeable in airspace that has low traffic, since the delay between comms may be longer, and it's impossible for me to tell if there has been a transmission or if it is just quiet...

Any help is appreciated. vPilot is run as administrator, and so is P3D.

Edit: Found this post with a similar issue, going to look at the firewall settings - though I don't think this is the problem... viewtopic.php?f=132&t=74991
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#520134 it's the classic UDP port forwarding issue... There are only 3 instructions in the installation section of vPilot's documentation :mrgreen: ... This is the result if you don't do #3... Port forward UDP port 3290.... ... stallation