By Tim Mitchell 859102
#520168 Hi Ross,

I have a couple of requests for features; no idea how easy these may be, one of them may happen or there may be a method for it already but I'm not sure.

1) Allow pilots to specify a registration when logging on, would allow for an AI traffic specific repaint to display if the livery is present that has the same registration taken from atc_id in the aircraft.cfg. Would be good for special liveries

2) VMR auto check for changes when vpilot loads up.


By Michael Wellner 1024937
#520727 We are trying to start a formation-flight on Vatsim, while using JoinFS to connect the pilots/aircrafts for faster connection. But we need to stop vPilot submit the aircrafts allready shown by JoinFS to FSX. There is a delete button in the .aircraft list, but it only deletes the aircraft until the next receiving of the aircraft data. Maybe you could put an ignore-button next to the delete button?
Or it would be really great, if we could get back the .ignore command in the new version of vPilot as in version 1.1.5596.33514 you posted some year ago in this thread.

BTW: Tx a lot for this masterpiece of Vatsim-Client. :D
By Simon Kelsey 810049
#520737 For what it's worth - +1 on the REG/ field for model matching. That would be extremely cool.

Also an 'ignore' function would be of interest aa well for a similar reason to Michael (multiple users connected a Join FS server, albeit for shared cockpit rather than formation flying) - at the moment with one aircraft and two pilots it works well but I imagine with two simultaneous aircraft (ie four pilots in two aircraft with two separare callsigns) we'd have the duplication issue.

Out of curiosity, how does vPilot handle >2 shared cockpit users? If the main connection is ABC123, obviously ABC123A (logged in as observer) will be ignored. Will ABC123B, C etc also be ignored if say one, two or more pilots also joined the flight deck?