By Danny Rice 1163031
#520338 I have looked around and don't find much concerning conversion of flyable to AI. However, I did try a little experiment. I copied a couple of my helicopters into the simobjects/airplane folder. Then I ran the sim and vpilot. Vpilot recognized the helicopters, listed them in the modelscanresult-prepar3dV4 file, and, indicated in the IsExcluded= as False. Vpilot also allowed me to designate one of the helicopter models as the default model.

Does this mean that Vpilot will now use the helicopters in model matching? I am certain it couldn't be that simple. Could it????

By Ross Carlson 887155
#520345 No, that just means that vpilot found the models. They weren't found before because I specifically exclude the helicopter folder when scanning for models.

It will still throw an error if it tries to use one of them.