By Ing Zimmerman 867578
#520323 Hi all Newcomer here.

Can somoene direct me to a recent document that gives step by step instruction on how to install
WOAI with vPilot for P3D v3 sim?

I have tried numerous sources including documentation specially vPilot YouTube P3D to no avail. I just cant make this thing work. The information I need is mainly What to Put Where.
Wich files goes where? And the definition of those files.
What I have done up to now is:
Installed the Airline directories for example Aegean Airlines inf my Prepare3D v3\Simobjects\Airplanes\ directory these contain, Aircraft, Scenery directory avsim.dis and readme.txt and WOAI.cfg
On vPilot in Setting - Model Matching - Custom Rules I copied there the AI Matching Rules Generated.vmr who was generated by VMRGenerator.
And also on vPilot in Setting - Model Matchini - Advanced I have a directory of SimObjects\Airplanes and a list of only 146 models 126 identified files. While in that folder I have more than 600 directories has specified above.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#520373 I don't use P3D in any version, but after seeing your post and realizing no one else was gonna try to help I thought I would...even without P3Dv3.

Installed the Airline directories for example Aegean Airlines inf my Prepare3D v3\Simobjects\Airplanes\ directory

Based on what I found out in 10 short minutes of searching the web, this is wrong. You do not put the Aegean Airlines folder/directories in to the P3D simobjects\airplane folder. You open the Aegean Airlines folder and place the aircraft folders therein in to simobjects/airplanes. Just the aircraft folders, not every file.

I learned that from this video...Theres more you have to do besides just the aircraft folder. Watch the video or read the link. Sadly, it appears you have to do this with each and every Airline folder. You're gonna be a while getting P3D AI where you want it... :)

British accent so hard for these US ears to understand at times, but if you pause the video at key points you can see what the young lad is doing. This is the only reference I found to installing in P3Dv3. The others said just "P3D", but maybe it's all the same.

Another good source that is written out but says exactly the same thing as the young British lad is here... ... -into-p3d/

Now, my question is, if I don't have P3D and I found these links in less than 10 minutes of searching, then....perhaps you already saw them and they don't work. I can't test it. You can.